We've all driven by it travelling east on 195.  It seems like yesterday that you could see Paul Revere riding on his neon horse. Sometimes the neon would blow out, or stuck in mid stride, and eventually the Paul Revere sign just stopped working altogether.  Now, there's talk of restoring it again?  No, we don't need to do that.

Last year around this time it was reported that the sign would be taken down for some repairs to the tune of $250,000. We can't use that anywhere else? Come on!

Mayor Jon Mitchell said that the process of removing the sign is more difficult than first thought. He said that the base of the sign needs to be rebuilt in order for it to be taken down safely. Would anyone miss it really? I don't really find it to be a "New Bedford" landmark. When I think of New Bedford, I think of whaling. Why not have a neon sign of Captain Ahab trying to harpoon Moby Dick? And, in motion too. Sure. Put up those messages that I find distracting to everyone. You might as well text if you're reading a scrolling message.

Plain and simple, take down the sign. Don't spend money to restore it. It had a great run, and we all enjoyed Paul Revere galloping nowhere. $250,000 can be used somewhere else in New BEdford.