So long Tortilla chips, step aside Doritos... Taco Bell just took the dip-game to a whole new level.

In May 2018, Taco Bell will have a new product in the grocery store that will make snacking much more spicier and bolder.

Now, if you love the zesty taste of Taco Bell's hot sauce packets, then you're going to love these new tortilla chips. Pair them with a hot bowl of melted queso and you have yourself a slice of heaven on your taste buds.

According to, Taco Bell will be releasing Mild, Hot, and Original flavors in a bag that's designed just like a giant packet of hot sauce. These bags will come in 3.5 and 11-ounce bags, and 13-ounce bags for the regular tortilla chips.

Whichever flavor is your choice, hot or mild, these chips are legendary adding much more than just flavor to loaded nachos. These will be sure to make you yell, "Yo Quiero, Taco Bell!".



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