It's hard to take everything you see on TikTok seriously, but one thrifty mom's video definitely caught my attention recently.

It has to do with a Target clothing policy I never knew existed, but am totally going to take advantage of in the future. And it means I will probably never throw another Target receipt away again.

Anyone else buying up Cat & Jack clothing should probably start doing the same.

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As mom and Target shopper @Jazminevaldiviaxo shared last summer, you can literally return Target's Cat & Jack clothing up to a year after buying for any reason at all.


In a video that got nearly 1.2 million views, Valdivia showed how she took clothes her son had outgrown back to Target only to receive over $500 towards an entire back-to-school wardrobe.

While I may not return that much stuff to the store, it seems you can truly take back Cat & Jack pieces in any condition within a year of buying them.

If you child outgrows a pair of pants before the year is out - return them! If they spill juice down their shirt front after wearing it only twice - return it! If they wear a hole in their socks from running around all day - return them!

No matter the condition, if it is less than a year since you bought it and you have the original receipt, Target will take it back.

We even called the Target in Wareham just to make sure this was true and staff said yes, "you can bring it back with a receipt for credit towards other clothes."

This sounds like a parent's dream. I mean my kids destroy an article of clothing in some way, shape or form all the time. Knowing I don't have to just toss a stained shirt in the trash, but could exchange it for a new shirt they can still wear is amazing.

So if you buy anything Cat & Jack from here on out, save that receipt. It could literally save you thousands as your kids are growing up.

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