Dancing With the Stars returns tonight, but you may be shocked to hear how little privacy these contestants have during the season.

I've been watching Dancing With the Stars for years and love to see how a dance routine goes from messy rehearsals to perfected performances. But getting those "in studio" moments with the contestants actually requires them to give up much more privacy than I realized.

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With a 17-year-old competing this season (Australian pop singer Cody Simpson) seems the show actually invades your privacy so badly that they have to file court documents showing that Cody signed and agreed to the show's contract.

Of course TMZ was good enough to get a copy of said contract and what it allows them to tape and how often it allows them to tape is borderline disturbing.

Seems unless you are taking a bathroom break there is absolutely NO turning off your microphone.

Contestants agree to wear a mic for any and all rehearsals, training and show appearances. No matter what you are talking about (business, personal matters, fight with your spouse, etc) DWTS is legally allowed to record you and use those recordings anyway they want.

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On the other hand, these celebrities are being payed very well for participating. Most are guaranteed $125,000 for being a contestant, with up to $50,000 a week added on if they continue to do well on the show.

So even if you rehearse for two weeks and perform for one you get paid $125,000. Not too shabby for three weeks of work.

Would it be worth the lack of privacy for a few weeks to make that kind of money?