Not taking a tropical vacation this summer? No worries, there are plenty of island vibes just an hour away in Boston Harbor.

Though Beantown might be the last place you'd expect a tiki boat to be floating, Tiki Boat Boston is giving riders a taste of the tropics right out of Rowes Wharf.

And you can book a spot aboard these floating tiki bars all summer long.

There is definitely no other way to describe these tours than as floating party boats.

Each tiki boat features a central, full service bar with seating for 12 around it and a thatched roof overhead. Bench seats for an additional 12 passengers are at the front of boat along with extra standing room so that each tour can hold 30 passengers and two crew members altogether.

Plus everything is completely decorated with island flowers and comes with a skilled bartender onboard to serve up signature tropical drinks.

And in case you were wondering, these brand new boats do come with bathrooms are onboard.

They aren't the only tiki tours around however. Over in Gloucester Harbor you'll find Friki Tiki. Though Friki Tiki may not provide you with a bartender, they do let you BYOB. You also get to provide your own playlist and crank the tunes you love on the tiki boat's bluetooth speakers.

The Friki Tiki of Glocester via Facebook
The Friki Tiki of Glocester via Facebook

They offer 90 minute sunset cruises, afternoon cruises and Sunday Funday cruises throughout the summer and launch from Cripple Cove Landing on East Main St in Glocester.

Both tiki tours sounds like a fun time on the local waters, but they're not the only boating fun around...

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