Good news for those with sensitivity or allergies towards gluten.

"Select" Subway Restaurants around the world are now offering 'Gluten-Free' bread as another option on the "What kind of bread would you like?" list.

Recently, I visited a Subway Restaurant over at 1289 Stafford Road in Tiverton, RI and noticed a sign that said: "Gluten-Free Bread Now Available". For the last couple of months, I've been practicing and disciplining myself to eat healthier and tread away from anything containing Gluten and quite honestly, I've been VERY happy with the results. So, you can imagine that when I found out that this location (which is conveniently next door to a place I exercise), it was like finding gold!


Now, I know what you're going to ask next... "what does it taste like, Gazelle?", I'm glad you asked. Sometimes Gluten-Free bread can be bland and unsatisfying, but the sandwich I received (chicken breast with veggies, lightly drizzled with Gluten-Free Sweet Onion Sauce) with the new bread was incredibly tasty.

As a bonus, sauces such as Honey Mustard the Sweet Onion Sauce, and even the Ranch dressing is also Gluten-Free. It's not all about the taste, its the convenience to those customers who are unable to eat anything with Gluten. Once again, this is not available at all locations.

That being said... Kudos to you, Subway! #GlutenFreeBread

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