In my relocating to the Southcoast adventure, I discovered that I had a lot of stuff I don't need. Stuff that had been packed up months ago that I haven't seen since and am pretty sure I don't need to see again. So what do I do with my stuff?

If you're like me, maybe you have a lot of stuff still in boxes from the last time you moved. You packed it all up, but when you got to your new place discovered you were quite happy not unpacking everything.

Well lots of that unpacked stuff has stayed that way since February for me and I'm pretty sure if I was honest with myself, a lot of it can just go.

I mean clothes I haven't worn in months...haven't even thought about wearing for that matter! Seriously, boxes and boxes of clothes. Why did I buy so many clothes!?!

Well maybe your boxes aren't full of clothes, but if you do have stuff in storage somewhere, in your garage, taking up space in your basement or whatever, this is the time to grab that stuff and get rid of it!

And you can use the Fun 107 Yard Sale as the perfect place to do just that!

For just $35 bucks you can get a table at our massive Southcoast Yard Sale that will be drawing shoppers from miles around. (Can your driveway yard sale do that?) And you'll not only get to keep all the money you make, you'll get to enjoy the satisfaction of finally getting rid of all those boxes of stuff you don't even want anymore.

Can you say win/win?