Taxi Benke, a service dog for San Antonio Middle Schooler, Rachel Benke, a young girl who suffers from an intense seizure disorder, has been given some big time recognition by the school in which he attends. He's got his own yearbook pic!

You can now find Taxi's head shot right next to his buddy Rachel's, in the Hector Garcia Middle School yearbook. Taxi has been going everywhere with Rachel for years now as she goes through life with her debilitating illness. His specialty is being able to sense that Rachel is going to have a seizure up to an hour before she does, so that she can let her family and teachers know what is about to happen. He's already helped save her life twice!

The photo is something that is especially meaningful to Rachel's mom because she can see how excited it has made Rachel and it has given validity to the dog being present at school as they've had to battle for that right with the school committee on multiple occasions.

It's great to see how this little buddy is being acknowledged for the great work he is doing to help Rachel live her life to the fullest. If it weren't for him and other service animals, a lot of people would not be able to battle the illnesses and hardships they are faced with.

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