With all the news of businesses closing in the area, I figure that leaves room for new businesses to move in. We took to the Fun 107 Facebook page and asked you what stores you would like to see come to the area.

It's not all doom and gloom. With stores closing, that makes room for some of the nation's most popular chains to possibly make their way to the SouthCoast.

At least I'm hoping that we see some interest in getting some of what we have been missing in the area.

It appears many of you want more grocery options in the area. I couldn't agree more. While I think Stop & Shop and Market Basket are good, I'd love to see them have some competition. According to your Facebook comments, you would like to see that as well.

I put together a list of the top six most desired stores that should come to our area and hopefully we get a few of them.

Stores We Need on the SouthCoast

Having been to all of these stores, I can honestly say the SouthCoast is missing out. Driving to the Cape or to Rhode Island to visit a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods it just a bit too far. I'm shocked that we don't have a Bass Pro Shops closer to us considering how many people actually fish around here.

If there was one store I wish was here that isn't on this list it would have to be a Zara. Yes, even though they just announced that they are closing a bunch of their stores nationwide, I'd love to have Zara's different style of clothing available closer to home.

What's the one store you think needs to come to the SouthCoast?

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