It's been a few weeks since I have attempted going to Market Basket. Usually, it's a madhouse and well, taking the risk wasn't worth it.

Many grocery stores across the country have implemented procedures at their stores to adhere to the social distancing rules that were put in place to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and now Market Basket has gone an extra step to ensure our safety.

Recently, Operations Supervisor Joseph Schmidt announced Market Basket will limit the number of patrons that are in the store at one time. Capacity at the Market Basket in New Bedford will be limited to 220 people in the store at once. The capacity number will be different for every location.

Also until further notice, there will only be a single entrance and exit. Each customer entering the store will be greeted by a Market Basket employee who will sanitize their carriage for them.

All of these new procedures will be put into effect today.

Now I'm sure this means that a line will be forming outside the store. Hopefully, Market Basket will also place markers on the ground to ensure people in line are also standing six feet apart, per CDC recommendations.

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