If you were listening to Michael and Maddie this morning, you heard Maddie report that next week New Bedford's planning board will be considering whether or not Starbucks will be able to open its first stand-alone New Bedford location.

While there was a Starbucks in the St. Luke's Hospital main lobby, it was more like an express location than an actual full-blown store. Hardcore Starbucks fans might even say that the smaller express locations (like the ones located in Target) don't have the same taste as their stand alone locations.

The Starbucks news this morning brought out strong opinions about whether or not New Bedford really needs one. While many rejoiced at the news that discussions were underway, others balked at the idea of another corporate run chain offering competition to the local, mom-and-pop coffee shops in New Bedford.

Whatever your feelings about Starbucks in New Bedford, it is undeniable that there is a good amount of people that have been calling for one for a very long time.

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As reality sets in that a Starbucks is likely to become a part of the Coggeshall Street neighborhood, the conversation shifts to what the public would like to see next in New Bedford.

The suggestions ranged from bringing back locally-owned businesses that went out of business years ago, to some retail stores that have never been located in the Whaling City, and yes, some popular chain restaurants.

From all of your feedback this morning, we put together a list of the 25 most popular names that kept coming up repeatedly.

25 Businesses New Bedford Is Asking for Most

Now that a Starbucks seems to be coming to Coggeshall Street, here is a list of businesses New Bedford area residents are asking for to come next to the Whaling City.

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