New Bedford is getting a caffeine boost. A project is in its planning stages for bringing the very first Starbucks to the Whaling City, with the planning meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 11 to decide if Coggeshall Street is the appropriate location for a bustling coffee chain location.

According to the New Bedford planning board agenda, the paperwork is in and the project is under review. Official documents map out the project site in which the coffee shop would sit on 35,000 square feet, sandwiched between McDonald’s and Petro Mart, Inc. on Coggeshall Street. Previously home to a Subway, the proposed Starbucks would be a first for the area, making it easier for New Bedford residents to get their caramel macchiato fix, but the biggest problem that comes to mind is the traffic that this business would create in an already busy area.

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“It’s going to be a mess,” predicted Gazelle.

“I can predict it already,” Michael said. “The line is going to go out to Coggeshall Street and wrap all the way around.”

However, it looks like the proposal addresses the traffic concern head on. The proposed construction will call to clear the foliage that is currently behind the lot to make way for the drive-thru that will direct drivers onto Mitchell Street.

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“The proposed development would not have a significant impact on the traffic operations of the adjacent roadway network,” claims the official proposal after mapping out the proposed trip generation. “The site driveways and on-site layout have been designed to provide for effective access to and from the subject property and the parking supply would be sufficient to support this project.”

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While the plan looks fine in writing, will it transfer in real life? Coggeshall Street is often the route for locals when the highway is backed up, not to mention the normal rush hour traffic that seems to plague the roadway.

New Bedford deserves its Frappuccinos, but the planning board will decide next week if the intersection of Coggeshall Street and Mitchell Street is the appropriate place for it.

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