SEEKONK (WBSM) — Finally, the SouthCoast is getting a Whole Foods Market, although maybe not as close as some people would like.

It may be a bit of a drive from New Bedford, but true fans of the grocery store won’t mind the drive to Seekonk to visit their favorite shop.

As reported by, the Seekonk Planning Board heard a proposal on March 12 for Whole Foods to open as part of a “retail store, fast food establishment and grocery store on three lots on Fall River Avenue.”

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There are two Whole Foods locations in Providence, one on Waterman Street and the other on North Main Street.

Typically, Whole Foods has tried to spread out their locations a bit more than that having three stores within a few miles of each other, but as reported, the company wants to provide a location for its customers that would normally have to cross the Washington Bridge to get into Providence, since the proposed rebuild of the bridge will reportedly take two years.

This is also good news for New Bedford-area residents who have been hoping for a Whole Foods Market closer to them, because now they can shop at their beloved store without having to travel into Providence.

Plus, with the three locations in close proximity, perhaps that shows that another Whole Foods could be viable on the eastern side of the SouthCoast.

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Now, the next question the SouthCoast can ask: where are we getting a Trader Joe’s?

Some local scuttlebutt suggests the former Christmas Tree Shops sitting empty in Dartmouth could be a target.

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