When I saw my dad become one of these people buying toilet paper as if there weren't bigger problems, I challenged him and said, "People like you should be stopped and there should be limits on how many items people can buy."

Don't tell me the companies can't do it; as you can tell, once mass hysteria breaks out, they all start listening. Granted, they may not like giving up guaranteed sales but that level of greed is for another time. I understand the logic is to reward the people who get out in front of the issue to do what's "best" for their families and businesses, but I personally believe these limits would stop the photos we're seeing everywhere of empty store shelves.

Ensuring everyone gets to be able to put food on the table is a good thing, and it would give trucks time to stock the shelves more as half of the population more than likely wouldn't even take advantage of their product limit. It would also help the hysteria. A lot of people started caring a lot more about the coronavirus once shelves started emptying.

It would be implemented by simply using a new common return practice I have come up with: X amount of product per license scanned at the register. And for people saying that would take way too long, I'm sorry but it takes much longer for me to sit behind you at the self-checkout as you can scan the same bar code 23,840,247,054 times.

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