What's open, what's not... And what are store hours on this very busy Christmas Eve?

The Dartmouth Mall is open from 7a-6p on Christmas Eve, so get there early!

Dartmouth Target is open 7a-10pm and Walmart 7a-8pm, wow, Target is open later than Walmart on Christmas Eve...

Best Buy in Dartmouth is open from 8am-6pm and The Wareham Crossing is open from 10am until pm Christmas Eve.

So what about the local supermarkets?  Here's the deal...

Market Basket in New Bedford is open until 9pm, which is their normal closing time anyways.

Shaws in New Bedford is open until midnight and so is Stop and Shop in New Bedford and Fairhaven, that is a BIG deal, there's always something we have to run out for on Christmas Eve.

Local CVS stores will be opn until 10pm Christmas Eve while the Walgreens stores are open until midnight!

So don't worry, it looks like you'll be covered should you need to finish up VERY last minute this year :)

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