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Black Friday
Some stores in Dartmouth opened at 1 AM this morning for Black Friday, but many customers were waiting in line hours before.
Crowds at Best Buy in Dartmouth began wrapping around the building at 8 PM last night. Shopper, Alex Atkinson tells WBSM News he woke up extra early on Thursday to be first in …
Best Buy’s Revenue Drops
Best Buy might finally be going down! The electronics retailer has seen it's sales numbers dropping ever so slightly as consumers take their business elsewhere.
Black Friday Ads
For those of you who will be staying up late on Thanksgiving to head out for a night of shopping, here is a sneak peak of Black Friday store ads conveniently arranged all in one place.  Compare and contrast to get the best deals!
Black Friday Deals
As people prepare to hit the stores on Black Friday, it's important to know what is on sale, and the best place to get it.