You may not have a green thumb but that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate a great garden. Whether you are looking for a quiet, calm way to spend a few hours by yourself or need some inspiration for your own garden, Southeastern Mass has some of the best public gardens sure to satisfy your inner landscaper.

The Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens, New Bedford:  The Haskell Public Gardens are owned by the Trustees of Reservations. This six-acre piece of property is located at one of New Bedford’s oldest homes and is open to the public for FREE from sunrise to sunset. Looking for a good ‘gram photo? Check out their greenhouse that’s been updated with multi-colored panes of glass thanks to Duende Glass Studio. Need a great place to meet a friend for coffee? Have them join you in the small patio hidden off of the Shawmut Ave. entrance. You can find Allen Haskell Public Gardens at 787 Shawmut Avenue, New Bedford, not far from Hathaway Road.

Green Animals Topiary Garden, Portsmouth, RI:  This is the oldest northern topiary garden in the United States and one trip through will have you feeling like you’re in Alice in Wonderland. With more than 80 "sculptures" including animals, birds, and geometric shapes, you’ll wonder if Edward Scissorhands may step out from behind a bush at any moment. Plan before you go, as this garden is seasonal and has an admission fee. You can find this garden at 380 Cory's Lane in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Debbie Herchen via Facebook

Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum, New Bedford;  The Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum is the stuff of magazines and you probably didn't even realize it was there. This historic property boasts “A formal boxwood rose parterre garden, a boxwood specimen garden, cutting garden and award-winning Woodland Walk surround the 19th-century wooden lattice pergola.” The garden as it stands today is still the original plan from 1936, including the reflection pools, pathways, and ornamental beds. Plan before you go, as there are days they are closed and an admission fee. You will literally want to stop and smell ALL of the roses.

PC Destination New Bedford, Rotch Jones Duff House

Seriously, if you need to get out of your own head for a bit, go for a stroll through any of these gardens. Your peace of mind will thank you.