I remember back at the beginning of November when media outlets warned us about the “Shipageddon” that was destined to happen, where mail carriers would be so backed up with online orders that you would have to start holiday shopping before Black Friday to ensure the gifts arrived on time.

Well, some people in my life didn’t listen, and as of todayy, I’m still waiting for Christmas presents to arrive – but it turns out I’m not the only one that is waiting on gifts.

While my family opened presents on Christmas, my father said to me, “I’m sorry, honey, your gift hasn’t arrived yet.” Weeks have gone by and every day I get a status report from Dad on the whereabouts of this gift. Finally, two days ago, the gift arrived. I can’t help but laugh at the idea that I’ll be peeling back holiday wrapping paper well into January.

Michael confessed that he sent out a gift for his niece and nephew on December 21. His sister and her family live in Maine, so it was a long shot for the gifts to arrive on time. The apple doesn’t fall far in the Rock family because his sister also sent out her gifts for Michael’s kids on December 21 as well.

Here’s the kicker: Michael’s sister received the presents for her children on December 26. Michael's kids have yet to receive theirs.

Mrs. Rock is convinced that the presents aren't showing up, leaving the kids to question if their aunt even sent over a present.

I don’t blame the kids for feeling this way. There was a small part of me that believed my dad forgot to get me a gift and fibbed about the delay in package arrival. But in reality, UPS, FedEx, and the USPS were seriously that backed up over the past several weeks. It’s been a serious hustle just trying to catch up on orders. I wonder when – or if – they will catch up.

Is Michael alone in his wait for the holiday gifts or are you still waiting, too?

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