Westport Middle-High School is witnessing a remarkable initiative led by a group of students who are dedicated to enhancing their community.

Known as 'STEEL' (Students That Exemplify Extraordinary Leadership), these students have organized a Prom Attire Drive, marking the inaugural year of this giving and selfless event.

The main goal of the Prom Attire Drive is to collect gently used prom dresses and suits, providing an opportunity for students to access stylish attire for the upcoming prom season. The drive is set to continue until March 9th, and the organizers are encouraging the community to contribute to this kind cause.

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STEEL Advisor Melissa Maltais-Avila highlighted the group's commitment to community service. "When we discussed before we committed to running the drive, the STEEL leaders said, 'we truly are about helping the community any way that we can. We feel that there is a huge need to support students that want to go to prom but do not have the means to do so,'" she stated. This exemplifies the group's genuine concern for their peers who may face financial constraints now that prom season is upon us.

Tickets for the Prom Attire Drive are reasonably priced at $5 each and donations can be conveniently dropped off at 400 Old County Road in Westport between 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

"This group is doing tremendous things for the community," Maltais-Avila added. The STEEL students are not only addressing a specific need within their school but also embodying the spirit of leadership that is sure to leave a lasting impact on their community and peers.

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