A St. Louis teen took her senior portraits at Taco Bell and the internet is going crazy over it.17-year-old Brittany Nicole Creech wanted to take senior photos that captured her personality, so she decided to take the photos at her high school hangout spot, which just so happened to be a Taco Bell.

"I think most seniors get their pictures taken outside," Creech told BuzzFeed News. "I had some of those taken too, but I also wanted something a little more fun."

Creech isn't sure if her school will let her use them as her official senior portraits, but she did say that she would fight for them to be used in the yearbook.

Classmates and friends are also hoping to see the photos in the yearbook, and they all got a huge kick out of the photos.

"My friends think it's funny," she said. "My best friend was just laughing so hard when she saw the pictures online."

Senior picture goals, indeed.

Contributor: Mariah Terry

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