Toronto, just staying the name makes you think of their mayor who just admitted he smoked crack and a video of him freaking out on people surfaced on the net. Now one airline is making sure you get a great deal flying there.


The"We're Not Smoking Crack! fare is just $29.90 "One Way" deal can be found on the budget airline's Website under their Travel Deals section according to WFXT-TV.

This isn't the first time Spirit has used a controversial promotional campaign. One of their more recent campaigns, shows a businessman in a football helmet (with colors similar to those of the Miami Dolphins) with the text, "Don't be bulled by high fares. "Fly incognito out of Florida or any place for that matter." They've also taken shots at the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Anthony Weiner.

Mayor Ford has been under immense pressure to resign as Toronto's mayor since admitting to smoking crack last week, Mr.Ford said he was getting help from healthcare professionals but refused to resign.