Lots of us are feeling like we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. No one is happier to be on the other side of it than all of these babies who have no idea what life before the pandemic was like.

We know that lots of littles missed out on big milestone moments, whether it was by choice or not. From having family hold them at the hospital on the day they were born to Zoom holiday dinners with their Grammy and Grampy, it's been a weird year.

Unless you have a close friend of the family with a baby, you may be oblivious to just how many experiences these babies haven't had yet, like learning faces without masks on and going for a walk in the park. Some babies were born so early on in the pandemic that they are getting ready to celebrate their first birthday with restrictions still in place – no giant party and no smash-cake photo session.

Here are a few of the area's quarantine babies and what kinds of experiences they are looking forward to the most now that restrictions are being lifted, vaccinations are rolling out, and we begin to return to a pre-pandemic life.

You can submit your little trooper, a candid photo of them, and what they are most looking forward to post-pandemic here.

Celebrate the SouthCoast's Quarantine Babies

Here are the SouthCoast babies who were born into the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking forward to celebrating their much delayed "firsts".

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