We've been asking you to select the SouthCoast's Best Waitstaff. It's not an easy thing to do. As we've mentioned on the air a bunch of times, whether or not we appreciate it, the SouthCoast has an incredible number of world-class restaurants. Our local restaurants are each unique and have their own personalities. A big part of those personalities comes from the front-of-house staff, the "face" of the restaurants.

The front-of-house staff goes hand in hand with the cooks in the back to create a winning restaurant. You can have the best food in the world, but if your servers are grumpy, slow, and inaccurate, it will be hard to beat out the other restaurants that are doing it right.

While the restaurant owners have certainly suffered during the pandemic, so have the staff members. That's why we wanted to highlight some of your favorite front-of-house staff teams on the SouthCoast.

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These are the waitstaffs that you see working so well together as a team to get your delicious meals in front of you with a smile on their faces (even though they are hidden by masks these days).

The following list of restaurants was created by nominations from the Fun 107 audience. Selected were the 35 top vote-getters. We are now looking to narrow this list down to our Top five semi-finalists. You have between now and Friday, March 12 to vote in the quarterfinal round.

Once we get the Top 5, the semi-finals will last until Friday, March 19.

From there, the Top 2 will go head-to-head in a waitstaff showdown to end all showdowns. We'll crown the champion on Friday, March 26.

At the end, there can be only one "SouthCoast's Best Waitstaff." Good luck to all of the teams!


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