I get it. This weekend was bitter cold. Extremely cold. Arctic cold.

That being said, we have very little to complain about. This winter has been more like a Carolina winter than a New England winter. We've had more days with highs in the mid 40s this winter than I can recall in my life.

So, when Mother Nature does her thing and puts us on the wrong side of the jet stream, blowing that air down here to the SouthCoast, we just have to grin and bear it. It's part of being a New Englander. We're just not allowed to complain about a couple of cold days in February, particularly after the non-winter winter we've had.

Our grandparents would never have complained about a little cold, and they certainly wouldn't have canceled school over a little cold, but that's a conversation for another day.

Instead of complaining, however, we can definitely laugh. Nothing warms the soul like a good old-fashioned laugh in the face of below-zero wind chills.

So, after we warmed up our hands after walking into the building, we took to Fun 107's Facebook page and asked the million-dollar question for the weekend. It was more of a prompt:

"It's sooooo cold that ..."

As expected, the SouthCoast came up with some great ones. Check them out below.

If you can think of any new ones to add to our list, please be sure to comment on the Facebook post, or send them to rock@fun107.com.

It's Sooooooooo Cold.... Jokes

Here's a list of "It's sooooo cold..." jokes for 2023.

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