UMASS Dartmouth’s graduating class will need umbrellas and rain boots for its graduation ceremony on Thursday.

The University reminded its graduates last night that the Commencement is rain or shine, and it was met with many frustrated family members.

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“REMINDER: Commencement is rain or shine,” said the University. “There will be no tents. Ponchos will be made available to guests and umbrellas are allowed.”

Due to size constraints, the ceremony can not be moved inside.

The ceremony is set to begin at 10 am at Cressy Field, with students scheduled to arrive at 9 am.

While a live stream of the ceremony will be available online, it's always nice to see it in person when possible.

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Families that planned to be on-site expressed frustration online.

“Who wants to sit in a puddle or not be able to see because of someone’s umbrella?” said Lisa Benedetti. “This is a great example of why each college needs to have their own ceremony- so it can be moved indoors if necessary.”

“Our students really deserve better as do our families,” said Tammy Lemieux.

Sometimes, Mother Nature can be unforgiving, but the show must go on.

“The event is rain or shine,” said UMD spokesperson Ryan Merrill. “Ponchos will be available for everyone and umbrellas are allowed at the commencement venue.”

According to the latest weather report, rain will likely continue for most of the morning but will taper off around noontime.

The raindrops may subside, but graduates should be prepared for a wet farewell.

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