The new year is approaching, which means new beginnings and opportunities. With January 1 just a few weeks away, people will begin their lists of New Year's resolutions to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Sometimes, a fresh start for someone can even mean relocating to a new state, city or town. When this becomes a reality, there are so many factors to consider in making that decision – especially how safe that location can be.

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Every state has areas with higher-than-average crime rates. Although Massachusetts is ranked No. 7 for the safest states in America according to a U.S. News report, some cities and towns within the state should have you re-evaluating when considering any potential changes.

The Massachusetts Crime Statistics is a funded website through the Bureau of Justice Statistics. It provides a visual breakdown of crimes in the jurisdiction within the Bay State. Based on this data, we complied a list of the current crime rates within SouthCoast towns.

These statistics shouldn't take away from all the great things these places do have to offer. However, if you are relocating or just visiting, researching and knowing any area beforehand can help make that decision a little easier.

Crime Rate Statistics in Southcoast Towns

Here are the current crime rate statistics for these Southcoast Communities.

Annual data is from the Massachusetts Crime Statistics. The number of crimes is a data collection of total arrests, DUI/OUI charges, violent crimes, and hate crimes.

The clearance rate is the number of charged crimes divided by the total number of crimes recorded.

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