If you normally get your driveway cleared by a snow plow driver each winter, now might be the time to hit the gym and strengthen that back of yours.

Your shoveling skills might need the extra muscle.

It appears that there may be a looming issue of snow plow drivers hanging up their truck keys.

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"It's not even worth it anymore," Christian Gwozdz-Silveira said. "We're at a point where breaking even is the best you can do."

Gwozdz-Silveira said he came to the realization last winter that his snow-plowing business was quickly becoming unprofitable. That was before the cost of gasoline skyrocketed in the spring. While prices have dropped significantly in the past month, they are still much higher than they were last winter, especially when you are gassing up a fleet of vehicles.

"Costs are up," Gwozdz-Silveira said. "If I raise my prices to $100 a driveway, people don't have the money for that, and it's not even enough to make enough money where the wear and tear on my trucks and plows is even worth it. Plus, a lot of this work is taking place at 2 and 3 in the morning."

Gwozdz-Silveira also said there just aren't enough major snow events anymore here on the SouthCoast to make the investment in equipment.

Proper liability insurance is also an issue. It's something snow plow drivers should really have, but Gwozdz-Silveira admits a lot of them don't.  "You need it, especially for those commercial accounts, but if they take on the insurance it only shoots the expenses and prices up even further."

When we spoke with him recently, Gwozdz-Silveira had spent the better part of his day reaching out to fellow snow plow drivers to try to get his clients covered.

"I've only connected with three of them, but all three told me that they weren't going to be plowing anymore. They'd had enough."

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