The Plow Ritual
Nobody talks about it here, but Michael says this plow ritual is one of the most satisfying parts of a snow day.
Fall River Plow Driver Video
Shoveling was not an easy task this morning after the Bombogenesis Cyclone Blizzard Bomb dropped over 17 inches of snow in Fall River yesterday.  Not only were temperatures in the teens, the heavy, wet snow was no easier to move this morning after it was frozen solid from the arctic air ov…
Jet Truck Melts Snow
Has a manlier headline ever existed? I think not.
In Canada, there are pretty much entire industries based on snow removal. Roadways, runways, and even railways need to be kept as clear as possible for commerce and transportation to resume...
Giant Hill Means Trapped At Home
When I moved into this house in 2004, I didn't stop to think how the massive hill for a driveway would affect things in the event of a snow storm, and THIS year I have made it worse.
Before, If it snowed more than 4 inches, I would need the plow guy to come take a swipe at it, and then I was goo…