Food For Tots is returning to the SouthCoast, and for the first time we are opening up the campaign to any restaurant that is interested in participating.

Needless to say, 2020 was quite a year for everything, including Fun 107's Food For Tots program with the Friends of Jack Foundation.

At this time last year, we were resigned to the fact that there would be no Food For Tots in 2020. Instead, the Friends of Jack brainstormed a way to keep the connection going with the community.

Healthcare workers were put in an unthinkable position. Instead of being asked to save lives, they were being asked to put not only their lives on the line but the lives of their loved ones as well. They were working endless hours, and would rarely break for lunch. That's when Food For Tots segued into Food For Docs. Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff were treated to lunch that was bought by Friends of Jack Foundation sponsors like Toyota of Dartmouth.

As take-out became a more acceptable way to support restaurants, Food For Docs shifted to Take-Out For Tots. The idea was simple: order take out from a participating restaurant, and a percentage gets donated to the Friends of Jack Foundation. As hurting as the restaurant industry is, I was so touched to see how many Fun 107 restaurants agreed to take part in the program.

Finally, with the return of summer came the return of both indoor and (revamped) outdoor dining. Restaurants had poured more effort and resources than ever before into their outdoor dining atmosphere, and the traditional Food For Tots model returned.

Now, as restaurants try to make 2021 a big comeback year, we are inviting all SouthCoast restaurants to take part in the Food For Tots campaign. The campaign normally hand selects all participating spots but is opening the program up to any SouthCoast restaurant that is interested. Our goal is to continue to help put the spotlight on our amazing local restaurants and the amazing people that own and run them.

Participating Food For Tots restaurants will be repeatedly promoted as a destination restaurant on designated Food For Tots nights. They'll receive exposure on Fun 107's airwaves and social media, urging people to go to their restaurant, and lots of love on the Friends of Jack social media platforms.

To find out more about how Food For Tots works, email

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