RadioShack stores here on the Southcoast are set to close in the next couple of weeks. The Southcoast RadioShack closures are listed on bankruptcy documents for electronic chain. The RadioShack stores filed for bankruptcy protection last week.The company is planning to sell 1,500-2,400 stores. Sprint is expected to open mini shops in many of them.

The local stores that are closing by February 28th are listed below.

  • Fairhaven
  • New Bedford,Kings Highway
  • Fall River, Flint Village Pizza
  • Fall River,Shopping Center
  • North Dartmouth
  • Warwick, Warwick Crossroads (Warwick Ave.)
  • North Attleboro, Emerald Square

Fun107 spoke to some employees at a local Radio Shack and asked an employee how the closing of the stores will affect them as an employee. The employee said "well I'm not going to have a job anymore,but if anything it will decrease my stress". Fun107 asked an employee if this was a surprise to the Radio Shack employees and if they were expecting this closing. The employee said "Well it was a surprise,but I thought we were going to be okay,but gosh it really happening,were closing what am I suppose to do now".

Contributions from Korina Kyriakidis, Fun Morning Show Staff


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