We updated you earlier this week about the potential comeback for discount chain retail store Ames.

The former website for the Ames stores is publicly announcing that not only will the store make a comeback in 2023 and 2024, but is actively soliciting for suggestions about where their next stores should be.

The website's form asked for Ames fan names, email addresses and specific locations where they think Ames would be a good fit. The site was also looking for the estimated populations in the immediate area surrounding the potential sites.

There has been speculation that the Ames comeback is simply a hoax, with some saying that anyone would be a fool to try to re-launch an already failed business in this uncertain economy.

Fair point.

However, just in case, Ames fans have been busy at work on Fun 107's Facebook page suggesting different spots in their town that they think would be ideal fits.

Judging from the response, the most popular location for a new Ames seems to be in the empty Shaw's store on King's Highway, New Bedford.

It might make sense for Ames to take over any of the remaining Benny's stores that were left vacant when that chain went out of business in early 2018. However, depending on the proposed layout for the new Ames stores, the vacant Benny's might be slightly too small.

Then again, who's to say that the new Ames locations will be as big as the old Ames we used to know?

Take a look at some of these locations suggested by the Fun 107 audience. Which one is the best?

SouthCoast Locations for a New Ames Store

Ames is asking for suggestions for where their new stores should go. We asked the Fun 107 audience, and this is what you said.

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