If you missed the Rock and Fox Show this morning, we were talking about the troubling epidemic of teen vaping. We had some great info about the dangers of teen vaping, but thought it would be helpful to do an even deeper dive about this vitally important topic for teen health.

We reached out to Kate Collins from Southcoast Pediatrics in Dartmouth. Katie is a Doctor of Nursing Practice with extensive experience in pediatrics. She has specialized in adolescent health education during her many years at Tabor Academy and has always worked in primary care pediatrics.

Here is a Rock and Fox Web Extra about teen vaping. This segment is less than five minutes long, but it just might be the most important five minutes you spend today as a parent.

Katie walks us through what vape devices look like, where teens tend to obtain them, warning signs that your teen might be vaping and more. She addresses the mistake that some parents are making when they dismiss their vaping teens with the thought that "at least they're not smoking cigarettes." Katie says that some vaping devices are the equivalent of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.

The most popular vapes contain nicotine, which is incredibly addictive.

Please share this Rock and Fox Web Extra with your teen.

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