Just by driving through the streets of the SouthCoast, you can see the life and history that is deeply ingrained in the community. Whether you're driving through Mattapoisett, Fall River or anywhere in between, you'll see big, beautiful houses telling unique stories that span across years, decades, and even centuries.

Some of our favorite homes here on the SouthCoast are those that stand out and stand proud. From pink and orange to yellow and green, it seems every color of the rainbow is represented on at least one home here on the SouthCoast, and it's time we acknowledge eleven of the most vibrant.

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11 of the SouthCoast's Most Colorful Homes

The history on the SouthCoast is rich, and so many homes stand tall and proud, vibrant with nearly all the colors of the rainbow. From Mattapoisett to Fall River and everywhere in between, here are a few of our favorite colorful houses on the SouthCoast.

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The Robert Marshall House is a mansion in Fall River that will transport you back to the early 1900s with its embellished and elegant interior design, and it's currently on the market.

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