We have certainly seen our fair share of wild weather here on the SouthCoast this summer. From the multiple heat waves to Tropical Storm Henri to the remnants of Ida this week, this will certainly be a summer to remember.

While Henri was a bust of a storm for most of the SouthCoast, it did leave behind some storm damage, as evidenced by this gallery of listener-submitted photos. As dramatic as some of the photos were from Tropical Storm Henri, the photos we received on Facebook over the past 24 hours from Ida really demonstrated the incredible amount of water that fell on the SouthCoast. Our meteorologist, ABC6's Chelsea Priest, talked about 10 inches of water in some spots, which is jaw-dropping.

The memorable scene from this storm happened during rush hour Thursday morning when dozens of drivers were stuck in gridlock because a small lake had formed on Route 24 North and South between exits 8 and 10. There was nowhere for these cars to go, and they needed to sit tight and wait for the water to be relocated by work crews.

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As we began announcing the problem on 24 to the Fun 107 audience, different side roads got hit with massive amounts of traffic from drivers trying to avoid the gridlock on the highway.

Rivers and dams swelled to capacity. The front yards of too many homes turned into waterfront property, as the water simply had no place to go.

Baseball fields sunk below inches of water, and the rain was even too much for a boat in Plymouth which sunk with all of the excess water.

The SouthCoast Surveys the Damage From Hurricane Ida Remnants

Some great photos submitted to Gazelle shows the incredible amount of water dumped onto the SouthCoast from the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

Henri Hits Hard for Some Parts of SouthCoast, Spares Others

Depending upon where you rode out the storm, Henri was either a bust or left behind some damage. Here are some photos from across the SouthCoast that highlight the vast differences.

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