SouthCoast Ida Photos
The remnants of Hurricane Ida dumped inches of water all over the SouthCoast, causing flooding and damage. Here are some of the photos sent in by the audience.
Fun In The Rain
During yesterday's heavy rain, Craig Ptaszenski, caught some kids on video having some good old fashioned fun.  He was kind enough to share his video with us.  This video was shot near the Wendy's on Kings Highway.
Would you know what to do if a flood affected you? If you were to get yourself into a situation where your home flooded, follow these helpful tips.
Flash Flood Warning Issued For The Southcoast
The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning  for the Southcoast until 5:15 PM as the heavy rain begins to make its way past our area.
Tropical Storm Arthur will quickly pass and its possible to see stars by midnight, and the weekend looks great...
New Bedford And Surrounding Areas Flooded Out [PICTURES]
The rain hit the Southcoast area hard today and many Fun 107 listeners are submitting pictures of areas hard hit by the relentless rain.
Some parts of Rt 18 were so flooded that cars were traveling the opposite way to get out of it.
Check out these pictures submitted by Cathy Ann, Nathan Patnaude, Kri…
Romantic Moment Goes Downhill Fast
It's always nice when your other half does something that is special, and a bit romantic right? I think the guy in this video was thinking that
A Mexico man carries his woman through flood waters but something impeads his progress.His romanti gesture goes south FAST...
More Pictures Of Fall River Flood
In most cases, it's March that comes in like a lion. However September roared a little bit. First the Gulf Coast was hit with a hurricane, and then the Southcoast got his with heavy rains, and Fall River filled up quick.