In the midst of the heatwave that is gripping the SouthCoast, one local business owner is picking people over profits.

Thomas Strom, owner of Kool Kone in Wareham, opted to close his ice cream stand Sunday due to the sweltering conditions gripping the region–and on National Ice Cream Day, no less.

On a day in which lines could have been at their longest and sales could have been at their highest, Strom posted the following on the Kool Kone Facebook page Sunday at around noontime:

Kool Kone/Facebook

That led to a few joking comments, but Strom offered up a reasonable explanation as to why he chose to close:

From there, people began to compliment Strom for his decision, knowing that the hard-working employees of Kool Kone often have to work in uncomfortable conditions due to the summer climate, and that running around on such a hot and humid (and sure to be extra-busy) day could be detrimental to their health.

Kool Kone/Facebook

While there are sure to be some folks who are disappointed that they can't get their favorite Kool Kone treats today, the appreciation most people seem to have for Strom's decision will likely pay off with a long line on Monday.

What do you think? Did Kool Kone make the right decision by closing on Sunday? Or is hot, unbearable weather just something that comes with the territory of working at a place like Kool Kone? Let us know by taking our poll below, and you can really let us know what you think by sending us a voice message through our Fun 107 app.