Humans are creatures of habit. We create routines and we rarely break them.

From our daily schedule to the businesses we visit, we become comfortable with what we know.

Sometimes, a change of pace is necessary.

We all have our favorite restaurants and stores, but what about the ones that have yet to be visited? What about the unsung heroes? The businesses that, for whatever reason, fly under the radar to you but shine brightly in someone else’s “routine”?

When I started working on the SouthCoast around four years ago, one of the first things I noticed about the area was the power of small business.

The SouthCoast seems to thrive on mom-and-pop shops and restaurants and the unique boutiques that give this little corner of Massachusetts so much character.

So, I think it’s time to peel back the curtain and start sharing some of our favorite hidden gems in the area.

No more gatekeeping. Let’s spread the word on some of your favorite spots on the SouthCoast that may not be as mainstream as other spots in town.

My favorite hidden gem is Dough Company in New Bedford. Tucked inside the Kilburn Mill, amidst a bustling city, sits the quiet and quaint DoCo, with its locally sourced, homemade menu and comfortable environment, making it the perfect place to catch up on work over coffee or catch up with friends over a hearty meal.

Let’s add to this list. I asked the SouthCoast, and many of you answered.

Keep scrolling to see which businesses made the list.

But more importantly, what should be added? Let’s keep the list growing!


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