Our family is learning more and more about the trials and tribulations of being dog owners. It's not unlike having a young baby again. Things that were once simple activities become things require prior thought and planning.

Something as simple as going out to eat can be a challenge. We were running some errands with our dog the other day when we realized that we were all starving. Not thinking, we pulled into the parking lot of one of our favorite restaurants when we realized that there was no way we'd be able to bring Bo inside. We'd never leave him in the car alone, so we needed to think of a place that was dog friendly.

Surprisingly enough, there are probably more dog-friendly restaurants this summer on the SouthCoast than ever before. Ironically, you can thank COVID for that. Generally speaking, most (but certainly not all) restaurants that offer outdoor dining will also allow your dog to join you at your table outside.

As we spoke to the different restaurants that allowed dogs, one common theme we heard a lot was, "as long as they are well behaved." We also sometimes heard, "as long as they are on a leash."

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We think it's important to point out that every restaurant we called that did not allow general public dogs made it a point to say that they would certainly allow service dogs both indoors and outdoors.

While this is not a comprehensive list, here are some dog-friendly dog restaurants. It might come in handy if you're ever caught out running errands with your little buddy.

The SouthCoast's Dog-Friendly Restaurants

If you've been searching for a restaurant where you can take your dog with you for a bite to eat, here are some of our faves on the SouthCoast.

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