We are reaching the tail-end of January and I have my eyes on the spring decorations box in my basement.

Okay, maybe it’s a little too soon to start rushing into the next season, but I would argue that we are closer to warmer weather than we are farther away to last Christmas, and yet there are families out there that still have their Christmas trees up. Isn’t it time to take it down?

The other day in the studio, Gazelle said to me, “Get a load of this,” and showed me a status that a friend of his put up on Facebook that read, “I have a confession: My tree is still up.” I chuckled and thought to myself, “It’s a little late in the game for that, but also somewhat impressive.”

I was shocked to find several people had commented below it, saying that their tree was still up as well.

One woman wrote, “Mine is too, girl. (My husband) wanted it down 2 weeks ago…” and another wrote, “Same!!”

Am I the odd one here for taking my tree down on January 1? I thought it was the cardinal rule for Christmas trees to be taken down on the first. Or are people keeping it up later than usual to keep spirits high with the arrival of a new – and hopefully better – year?

I am all for the holiday spirit, but as we hit the halfway mark into January, I feel like the exit of the holiday season is a little past due. Am I in the minority? Do you or someone you know still have their Christmas tree shining brightly in the living room?

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