The other day, Maddie and I were talking on the air about an Ed Sheeran lookalike that lives in Manchester, England. Interestingly enough, this guy looks so much like Ed Sheeran that he actually has to wear a disguise when he goes out in public. How annoying, I thought. You have all the drawbacks of living the life of a celebrity with none of the benefits.

Gazelle pointed out, however, that there may be some benefits to being a dead ringer for a celebrity like Ed Sheeran.

A few years ago I was shown a photo of a Mass State Police cadet as he was going through the academy. Normally when someone says you look like someone, you rarely agree. This time, however, I was blown away by how much this guy looked like me. Even my kids responded to with a "nice photoshop job, Dad" when they saw the picture of the trooper.

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We thought it would be fun to ask you to send in pictures of local doppelgangers and we got a ton of great entries. Granted, some of the SouthCoast doppelgangers looked more like their celebrity counterparts than others, but we figured we'd let you be the judge of that.

For our money, we were shocked by how much Sonia Lee looked like Alicia Keys. Bethany Soares was also not a bad Reese Witherspoon. Take a look through this list of real-life SouthCoast doppelgangers and tell us which ones you thought were the best.

If people are always telling you that you look like a celebrity, we'd love to see a pic. Comment on the Fun 107 Facebook page with a pic or two.

Real-Life Doppelgangers of the SouthCoast

We asked you to send in pictures of yourself looking like a celebrity. Here's what we got.

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