One of my New Year's Resolutions was to cut back on pizza. Let's face it, I ate way more than I should have during quarantine, and with a wedding a few months away, it only makes sense to stay away from the cheesy goodness. Unfortunately, I forgot all about National Pizza Week and now I'm bummed that I can't celebrate properly. National Pizza Week is from Sunday, January 10 to Saturday, January 16.

Since I know that I will not stick to this diet if I don’t allow myself some comfort food every once in a while, I’ve decided to make pizza my cheat meal for next week. That way I get to enjoy it just once. But I don’t want just any pizza to eat for a cheat meal. I want the best. If I’m going to cheat on my diet, it better be worth it. So, I turned to our audience to tell me who on the SouthCoast has the best pizza. We received over one hundred votes and we now have a definitive list of the top six local pizza places.

Some of the restaurants mentioned are extremely popular, and I am not surprised that they topped the list. Some of the votes were for places that I have never even heard of but would be willing to try at some point this year.

Tell us if we have this list right or if we need to do some rearranging.

SouthCoast Pizza Power Rankings, as Voted by You

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