It's gotten to the point that we can't take it anymore. So we're launching a full-fledged investigation.

Epicenter of Stink | Google Maps

For the past two weeks, residents of North Dartmouth in the area of Slocum and Hathaway Rd. have been complaining about a GOD AWFUL smell. It's been described as "flowery manure", "rotten poop", "hot cabbage air", and "like a cat took a dump, on top of a pile of dog poop". Some people claim that it smells the same every year, but others who have lived in those neighborhoods for 30+ years said it's never had quite the snap to it that it has this year. Or that they've never smelled anything like it before.

It's gotten so pungent that people have been checking their basements for sewage overflow or dead animals. Because it is so strong that it seems like it's IN YOUR HOUSE.

It seems to only be affecting people in that SPECIFIC area of Dartmouth, and not 24/7. It ebbs and flows. We've seen some theories that it's the sewage treatment plant or maybe the dump but we're not convinced.

We're trying to find the epicenter of stink so let us know. Kay, thanks.