Before you start assuming I'm going to talk all about this spiritual word, think again. Here is what happened: a friend of mine threw a house warming party, a small gathering to celebrating owning his first home. I only knew maybe one or two people of a gathering of about a dozen.

Now I'm not a card or palm reader, nor do I go out of my way to get readings. I do find them very interesting and entertaining and sometimes can really change the mood. My first reading ever was in a small shop in Newport. I was shaken by the experience. Make fun of me if you want, but some of the things were extremely accurate.

The second time I had a reading was in New Orleans from some random street vendor. This one had me in tears; go ahead call me dramatic, but it was really accurate and mind-blowing.

Many people think getting your cards or palm read is not a good idea. You are in essence playing with fate by trying to figure out what's next for you.

Fast-forward to this past weekend, where the evening took a turn to where everyone was getting a reading from one of the guests who happens to read tarot as a side hobby. Once again, I was so surprised as to how accurate it was. The energy in the room was different – not bad, but different.

Everyone at the party seemed to enjoy it and took something away from their reading – even if it was just the awkward uncomfortable laughs when someone got their reading and it was super personal.

Regardless, everyone left the party as friends. We all had learned something about each other that we probably wouldn't have learned if it wasn't for the reading. We all realized we had more in common than we thought.

I'm still kind of iffy on tarot readings but I don't think they do any harm and was actually a great way to get to know people. Maybe a suggestion for a first date?

What are some of your experiences with tarot readings? Have you ever had one? Thoughts?

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