If you poke around enough on the internet, it's amazing the things you'll find people giving away. I'll never forget the time Gazelle found a free boat. It's just one example of the things he's scored online.

I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a freebie that would be a jackpot for the right family. If you've got kids, imagine how excited they'd be to come home to the news that your family was getting a pool – for free!

It's going to happen to one lucky SouthCoast family. It's not a radio contest, it's just a guy whose family has outgrown it and he'd like to share the fun with another family.

Craig Ferreira is giving away this 24-foot round pool that is sitting in his yard in Somerset. Ferreira says that the pool just isn't getting the use that it once did and that he'd like to see another family enjoy it.

Ferreira describes it as a "doughboy" pool with a DE filter and a ladder. He says the liner is in very good shape and is only four years old. The previous liner he had lasted 25 years.

I never had a pool growing up, but a friend of mine had a circular above-ground pool similar to the one that Craig is giving away. If you've ever swum in one of these pools as a kid, I'm certain you'll remember one incredible feature that you couldn't do in an inground pool.

We used to all circle around the pool causing a cyclone effect. We'd get the whirlpool going so fast that you could just relax and take a ride around the pool. The other game would be to try to swim against the current. It was incredibly hard to do.

Just two fun games that your kids can play if you reach out to Craig and ask for the free Somerset pool.

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