Yesterday I went to Walgreens and was sitting in my car before I went in and wouldn’t you know, the customer parked next me went to get in their car and the car door hit my car and left a ding, chip, dent, whatever you want to call it.

At that point I wasn’t sure what to do and now I’m worried that I didn’t handle it properly. Was I supposed to exchange information with her? Or was I supposed to call the police? Or just let it go?

Well I failed to get all the necessary information to place a claim and now I’m regretting it because now if I decide to fix my car door, I’ll have to pay out of pocket. Or do I search the aisles at Stop & Shop looking for the culprit who dented my door?  I guess if worst comes to worst, I can try the infomercial famous “Pops-a-dent.”

A big thank you to all our FUN Morning Show listeners who called in this morning with their helpful suggestions!  What do you think I should do?

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