A sick day at home is good for a couple of things. Catching up on sleep and feeling better of course, but also for doing some online shopping. I definitely used my laptop to shop while at home on the couch yesterday, but I learned I can't buy everything online.

For me its all about the last of the wedding planning these days. Getting the shoes for me and my bridesmaids, looking at hairstyles to try out and even finding the jewelry that works with everyone's dress are on my to do list.

So while I was laid up I thought I might be able to get some of these things done and got online for my odds and ends shopping. However I quickly learned that for me, not everything can be bought online.

woman with jewelry
Konstantin Yuganov

I clearly do not have enough knowledge of jewelry to purchase it through the internet. Colors, sizes, cuts...none of it really means anything to me when I simply see it in a picture. I really wanted to hold the earring up to my ear and see if it was too big or too long for what I was picturing. And try on a bracelet or two so I know they're going to fill up my wrist like I want them to.

That's why I enjoyed the A&A Jewelers website so much.

Sure they offer you a web store to shop in if you are much more jewelry savvy then myself, but they say right on the A&A Jewelers home page that you should stop by the store and see what their master jewelers can do for you.

I need that...a master jeweler. Someone with years of experience, who has probably seen it all and can make logical suggestions on what would look good with certain dress colors, hair colors or even haircuts.

The jewelry really makes the outfit in my opinion and since I want to get my bridesmaids jewelry as their bridesmaid gift, I really want to make sure its the right thing.

So if my sick day taught me anything, its that some things just can't be bought online and  it really can be best to go into the store and talk with an expert.


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