A Facebook post by 10-year old, Brianna Vance, saved the life of her father after a severe storm tore through her West Virginia neighborhood on June 10th.

According to ABC News, the storm knocked out all cell phone signals and land line connections so it is a miracle that Brianna's video post made it to the social media site. She said, "I was scared. I needed help. My dad needed help, so I had to post that.”

Luckily, someone saw the cry for help and called 911 and rescue crews arrived just in time to save those who were trapped under the tree that had come down due to the storm.

The rescue crews said that she is a hero and they hope that she is recognized for her heroism.

Little Brianna left a Happy Father's Day message for her dad saying, "“I hope you get well soon because you are the best dad I could ever ask for.”

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