It's not just the sharks in the water these days. Some whale watchers recently got a glimpse of a snake swimming the ocean seas.

During a recent whale watching tour with the Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises, passengers saw more than just the usual humpback whales in the water.

People started noticing a rather large snake about a mile away from the shore.

Seems the snake is an Eastern hog-nose and is not all that uncommon on the SouthCoast.

Hog-noses are often found on the Cape since they are sand snakes. They aren't venomous however and are not harmful to humans.

And they aren't even swimmers really. The hog-nose will sometimes get into the water to cool off or catch some food, but swimming that far from shore was likely an accident cause by the waves and currents.

And as the crew on the whale watching tour told, they did debate saving the animal.

Unfortunately the size of the ship made it impossible to get close enough without hurting it, so they left the snake out there to figure it out.

Of course it's typically shark sightings we hear about in the waters off the Cape that freak everyone out. I, for one, will also pass on seeing any snakes while I'm out for a swim!

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