People trying to take their love of grilling indoors may want to rethink this recalled smokeless grill.

Ocean State Job Lot has released a recall notice about the Tuff Smoke-Less Grill.

Apparently this particular smoke-less grill is less than smokeless and can cause a real fire.

The fire hazard prompted makers to recall the product nationwide.

Anyone with a Tuff Smoke-Less Grill with model number TEK513 and UPC number 8-14387-02513-2 is urged not to even plug it in due to the potential fire hazard.

Kind of ironic that a product meant to allow you to grill without fire is being recalled because it causes fires.

If you have purchased one of these grills, you can return it to the store for a full refund.

Local Ocean State Job Lot's were selling this product and are honoring the refunds.

Any other questions about the recall should either be emailed to or you can call (888)298-3566 or (201)528-9419.

I've never used one of these indoor smokeless grills myself, but I am a huge fan of my George Foreman grill. So maybe this is a sign to change up your indoor grilling equipment in the first place.

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