No one likes to think snow in the middle of summer, but this may be one reason to at least think snowflake.

A Netherlands-based developer is creating a luxury glass hotel that will be shaped like a snowflake and will float in the waters off Norway.

Yes, by 2016 you should be able to sleep inside a giant snowflake that floats on the water and allows you to view the area's gorgeous Northern Lights while laying on your bed.

floating-krystall-hotel-side view
Dutch Docklands

Dutch and Norway experts have been working on the one-of-a-kind hotel since 2008 and are finally getting underway with the luxury hotel after a financial crisis put the project on hold.

Called Krystall the hotel will actually be encased in a glass structure that will also contain conference rooms and a spa. The entire structure will only be accessible by boat to ensure that the facility has five-star status.

Sounds like a trip of a lifetime if you ask me, so start saving now cause Krystall is expected to open by late 2016.

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